UPDATED: International Students at PUCV

publicado el 21 de October de 2019 / Autor : Rodrigo Coloma

After assuring our community’s safety, just until last week we were able to intensify the communications with our academic departments to have our international students closing their semester. That has been our priority.  Most of our international students were already in touch with their professors to agree upon alternatives to finish their academic work. For our staff, it has been a permanent task to assist all international students on this matter, and we trust all of them will be able to transfer credits and grades as planned. Having that in mind, all PUCV courses are going to be closed according to the specific modality offered by each professor, and we will make an extra effort to make transcripts available on a reasonable time.

In respect to the next academic year, the current context in our university prevents us to assure when PUCV classes will resume for the current semester and when our academic year 2020 will begin. For that reason, we strongly recommend your students postpone their stay with us to the second semester of 2020.  Depending on how events develop we will inform, but we know time is an important factor and we want your students to have it to make the best choice for themselves.

Finally, for our US partners sending students to our PIIE academic program, please know the program will function as planned and informed through our application guide.


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