PUCV COVID-19 outbreak statement/ Comunicado PUCV sobre brote del COVID-19

publicado el 03 de March de 2020 / Autor : Mónica Ramos


March 18, 2020

Today, the Chilean President has declared Estado de Catástrofe (State of Emergency) for the next 90 days, starting tonight.

This declaration will enhance the measures already in place to control the spread of the Coronavirus COVID-19.

We have asked those students staying at PUCV to follow the guidelines below:

1. To follow all instructions provided to avoid the spread of the virus. Students can’t travel, can’t participate in massive events and reunions, and should be monitoring the schedules of supermarkets and other services they may need.
2. To track the news and follow the authority’s instructions all the time.
3. If they live independently, they should share their address with their advisor immediately so we are able to provide any assistance.
4. If they need help of any kind, they can contact the Assistant Director any time.
5. To be in permanent communication with their professors so they are able to advance their semester.

Here some useful links:
¿Qué es un Estado de Catástrofe?
Ministerio de Salud
Gobierno de Chile


March 17, 2020

Starting tomorrow Wednesday 18, on-site work activities are suspended in the different Campus and University buildings, which includes the International Relations Office. In this context, the PIIE will implement telework modalities according to the critical processes of the program throughout the suspension period.

Since this applies to all colleges, we have urged students who have decided to stay in Chile to remain in contact with the programs’ heads via email, copying their respective Advisors.

The PIIE staff will be available to answer questions and address processes linked to the reception of students, in regular hours. The Assistant Director will be available, also, via WhatsApp.

We thank everyone to insist with your students who will remain in Chile, to comply with the protection guidelines indicated by the health authority in our country.

Office of International Relations


March 15, 2020

Our university has called off all undergraduate and graduate activities starting next week, Monday March 16, until there is enough evidence it is safe to carry on with them. We have already instructed all of our students that classes will be online. We will assist them during the process of course registration and confirmation as always.

For all of those students who were going to arrive either for an exchange or for an internship/research experience, we ask that they postpone their stays until conditions improve for the better.

For all graduate students in their way to Valparaíso, or still waiting for their visa, we suggest you to contact your program director.


We can’t stress enough that you follow all instructions given to avoid the virus from spreading, that includes traveling in the country. As the pandemic in Chile has reached phase 3, as informed by Public Health authorities, it is crucial that all students follow the instructions provided here.

You can find useful, verified information and guidance here.



All undergraduate exchange international students should reach for Monica Ramos as instructed during the orientation week, through the WhatsApp Emergency groups, and their advisor.


We will keep updating this post.

Office of International Relations


March 10, 2020

Following the instructions from the Chilean Health authorities, PUCV has issued a protocol to prevent and treat possible COVID-19 cases in our community. Please be aware, Spain has been added to the countries defined in the document.

Office of International Relations


March 9, 2020

According to official sources, there have been 12 COVID-19 cases confirmed in Chile. Our university authorities and International Relations office are permanentely monitoring the development of these and possible new cases. We have instructed our students about how to prevent and what to do in case of an eventual transmission.

We will keep our partners informed.

Office of International Relations


Given the current state of things in Chile linked to the COVID-19 outbreak, let us share with you some relevant information for your best knowledge and advising efforts.

I. PUCV relies on both, national authorities and WHO recommendations. At this moment Chile pose a very low risk for students to become infected as there is only one case confirmed just today (in Talca, around 230 miles from Valparaíso), and the Chilean Ministry of Health has people in observation. According to WHO more vulnerable people as the elderly and those with medical conditions are the most at risk. That does not apply to the student population we serve. We are closely monitoring the evolution of the phenomena, but considering WHO information, we don’t  believe  students are at risk in Valparaíso. As for how Higher Education Institutions are advised to manage the current risk context, please find here general guidance provided by the Ministry of Education.

II. In the academic dimension, since the October 18 social crisis, our university has been working to provide alternatives for international students to complete their courses online and remotely, depending on the possible different scenarios that may affect the courses’ contact hours. In the context of the COVID-19 outbreak, PIIE Academic Coordination has defined an action plan that will be carried out with each teacher the first week of March. The action plan considers three possible teaching scenarios: normal, semi-normal and abnormal, having the following elements as key factor to plan accordingly:

  • Teaching: To avoid anxiety
  • Learning: To avoid frustration
  • Assessment: To avoid uncertainty

Depending on the scenario, these criteria will move in the spectrum of the contact, semi-contact and virtual and/or remote teaching. Each professor will determine how, and the particular approach will be officially informed during the first week of March.

III. PUCV follows the instructions derived by the national authority as a sovereign and autonomous country. Unless the national authority deems the epidemic requires the population to stay in quarantine, and summons the applicable legislation for such purpose, there is no change in our academic programming.

IV. In the given scenario of an identified case in our community, PUCV authorities will follow the Chilean Ministry of Health protocols. We will be informing swiftly and guiding our international students.

V. With the official data available, from national and WHO authorities, we suggest to avoid any kind of panic information and or instructions given that international efforts have been tailored to avert the virus propagation. Office of International Relations

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