5 reasons to live with a PUCV host family

  1. It’s a customized service

After your confirmation of wishing to live with a host family, we will ask you to fill a questionnaire with your main interests and restrictions. Then, the Housing Coordinator will look in our database for a suitable family according to your needs.

  1. We are flexible

The PIIE has a base of more than 150 host families, with different characteristics: family compositions, located in either Viña del Mar or Valparaíso, pets, etc. Furthermore, you can always talk with the housing coordinator to intermediate between you and your host family and/or to change it. In that instance, the coordinator will organize together with you visits to the families so you can choose which one to stay with.

  1. You will have a new family!

The experience of living with a family will mark you forever, either through multiple experiences with your family or the friendships you will create along your stay. To no surprise, most of our international students keep in contact with their host families, even after 10 years!

  1. You will improve your spanish proficiency

Once you are surrounded by a Chilean family, you will improve your linguistic skills. The cultural exchange will favor your fluency in the language and will allow you to consolidate your Spanish shortly.

  1. You will live the Chilean culture from first hand experience

The housing service allows you to know several of the cultural faces of Chile and Latin America, especially from the relationships that bloom from daily cohabitation with your host family. Our system pretends to provide the international student with not only a staying service, but also an intercultural experience.   The housing with a host family service includes:

  • Private room
  • Bedding
  • Basic furniture
  • Kitchen access
  • Shared bathroom
  • At least 3 meals a day(provided by the family)
  • Internet access
  • Laundry service


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Ivania Yáñez
Coordinadora del Programa Internacional de Intercambio Estudiantil
PUCV – Chile

Silvana Aravena
Consejera de Estudiantes Internacionales