Arrival to Valparaiso and PUCV

Arrival to Viña del Mar/Valparaíso

For all of our students that have decided to live with a host family, the pick-up service is included on February 23rd from the airport to the host family’s home. Our Homestay Coordinator, Sergio García, will send the information about the chosen families as well as all of the instructions needed before the arrival.

The pick-up service from the airport to Valparaíso can also be coordinated for those students who will not live with a host family. It has a cost of USD$100 on the official day of arrival.

For more information and instructions, please contact Sergio García (

All the students that will not live with a host family and do not wish to hire the pick-up service will have to travel from the airport to the nearest bus terminal, Pajaritos. If, inside the airport, you need to find information about the transport services check the airport’s website. For your safety DO NOT ask nor deliver personal information to strangers. Ask for information only in the official places inside the airport or police members (Carabineros de Chile).

Remember that if you do not hire the pick-up service, you will have to coordinate your arrival to Valparaíso; the DRI (International Relations Office) will not have part in that process. On the other hand, all the students who do hire the pick-up service must contact Sergio Garcia.

General instructions to travel from Santiago to Viña del Mar / Valparaíso:

• To go from the Santiago airport to the bus station “Estación Pajaritos” you must get on a Centropuerto or Turbus bus. These buses are located on the first floor of the airport between gates 5 and 6 and they start their route every 15 minutes. Prices vary between $3.500 and $4.500 Chilean pesos and you can buy the ticket online or in the bus platform located on the first floor of the airport between gates 5 and 6. Also, the Centropuerto service has an office located inside the airport.

• Once in the bus station “Estación Pajaritos” you’ll be able to find buses to Viña del Mar, Valparaíso and other cities. You can buy a ticket on-line or you have to go to the counter of the transportation company.

• TURBUS and PULLMAN BUS are the most known companies.

• Prices vary between $4.800 and $5.500 Chilean pesos and it depends on the time and type of service (round               trip or one way ticket).

There is another service for transportation from the airport to Viña del Mar and vice versa: Please check the following link for more information: valpo-vina

Arrival to PUCV

Arriving to PUCV  “Casa Central” is the most important building of our Institution. It houses the administrative center of our University, and it’s also the place where the offices of the International Relations Department and the International Student Exchange Program (PIIE) are located. To learn more about PUCV, we recommend that you visit this link.



Ivania Yáñez
International Program Coordinator
PUCV – Chile

Silvana Aravena
International Student Advisor