Seguro Médico y Servicios de Salud disponibles

1.- Health Insurance

All international students must have an international medical insurance certificate with full coverage for any accident or illness. The certificate should specify the name of the beneficiary (student), and must include repatriation of mortal remains expenses. In case students take part of internships or research involving lab work, students should also have civil responsibility insurance. Also, it is essential that all students are informed about their insurance’s policies and coverage, how they work and what to do in case of needing medical assistance.


2.- Student Medical Service

All international students at PUCV have access to our Student Medical Service (SME by its acronym in Spanish) that belongs to the Student Affairs Office (DAE by its acronym in Spanish). This is to be able to receive general and specific care in some areas. All students that require non-urgent medical care can request an appointment. To be able to do this, the student must contact the advisor via e-mail, by phone or the student can visit her office. The SME cares for all PUCV students; therefore the service is highly demanded. If the student need urgent attention and cannot wait for an appointment in SME, then it is suggested that the student seeks care in one of the clinics named in the next page. Also, all international students at PUCV are covered by the Student Accident Insurance and this applies in the following circumstances: – In the commute from the student’s home to the university or vice versa. – In the place where the student is doing a professional or educational practicum. – Inside the educational institution. – In extracurricular activities officially authorized by the university authorities.   The SME issues the Declaration of the Student Accident that the student must submit to the public hospital where he or she received medical attention in the next 24 hours after the accident took place. The DRI will assist all students during this process.

IMPORTANT To be able to receive the coverage all students must have their Chilean ID card.

  First-Aid Kit The PUCV First-Aid Kit is a storage place for different kinds of medicine and medical supplies acquired by the SME. All students have access to this First-Aid Kit by paying the cost price of each medication. The SME manages the First-Aid Kit and to be able to enjoy the benefits of the Kit you must present a medical prescription given by a doctor of the SME. Once you are given the prescription the SME will give you a payment ticket that you must take to Casa Central’s treasury office and pay for the prescribed medicine. After this process, you must come back to the SME with your payment confirmation document in order to receive the medication.

Attention Hours: Monday through Thursday: Mornings: 8:30 am to 1:00 pm / Evenings: 2:00 pm to 5:45 pm. Address: Yungay 2872, Valparaíso (Third Floor)


3.- Kinesiology Center

All international students have access to the Kinesiology center. The student can request an appointment with his/her advisor.


4.- Medical centes in Viña del Mar and Valparaíso

All the following medical centers offer general, urgent and emergency care. We suggest that all students have this information at hand: Clínica Ciudad del Mar 13 Norte 635 Viña del Mar

Centromed 4 Poniente 332, Viña del Mar

Clínica Miraflores Los Fresnos 276, Miraflores Bajo, Viña del Mar

Clínica Reñaca Anabaena 336, Reñaca, Viña del Mar.

Hospital Clínico Viña del Mar Calle Limache 1741, Viña del Mar.


5.- Medical Emergency inside PUCV buildings

If an emergency occurs inside any PUCV building, the students will be assisted according to the university established protocols. The PUCV response team will contact the DRI so that our person in charge of emergencies can be with the student and, in that way, proceed accordingly activating the Student Accident Insurance (only in cases of accidents) or helping the student use their own health insurance.


6.- Medical Emergency outside PUCV buildings

If an emergency happens outside any PUCV buildings, all students must know all the information about their chosen health insurance and – whenever possible – contact our Assistant Director who is the official person in charge of emergencies. All students must request to be a part of the Emergencies WhatsApp group that we create each semester for emergencies related to natural disasters, accidents and any other risk that can endanger the life of the student.


7.- How to proceed in an emergency inside PUCV Buildings

Every student must be informed about all proceedings related to the university emergency protocols. You can visit the following link where you’ll find said proceedings: http://



Ivania Yáñez
International Program Coordinator
PUCV – Chile

Silvana Aravena
International Student Advisor