Our experience

The PUCV has a trajectory of more than 20 years of experience regarding international students’ reception, planification, and execution of academic programs specially designed for students from abroad. This work has been collaboratively developed together with teachers, students, administrators, and families; different spaces and instances have been built towards the fundamental goal of providing a quality experience for students that decide to study in Chile and, in particular, Valparaìso.

On said note, each instance and space is a teaching and learning place that seeks to satisfy the needs and requirements, both linguistic and cultural, of international students, thus, being in permanent evolution.

The Direcciòn de Relaciones Internacionales,  through its internationalization units, possess professionals with a vocation committed to an interactive, linguistic and cultural proposal that makes the most out of the total immersion context in which the student lives and learns.

The combination of each and/or all of the spaces is open for the abroad student, creating a complementary interface of possible learning places that firstly, challenges students; and secondly, it’s only possible abroad and under a total immersion context.

Next is our academic model for non-Spanish speaking students: